Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade at Cornerstone Schools learned All About Energy during a presentation by Denise Carleton and Mary Nix a/k/a/ Petunia Garner™, co-founders of Reaping Nature Productions.  The program educates listeners about what energy does, how important energy is in our lives, safety tips, nonrenewable and renewable energy sources, and historical, geographical and statistical facts from around the world.

“What a wonderful way to introduce children to energy awareness!  The program was extremely informative and presented in a way that was very kid-friendly,” said Evelyn Branch, a fourth grade teacher at the school.

Reaping Nature teaching kids about EnergyReaping Nature Productions provides on-site, interactive presentations to schools, clubs, civic groups and organizations, and at community and special events.  Using a visual presentation, current facts, props, humor and original songs, Carleton and Nix “edutain” listeners on selected environmental topics, encouraging listeners to make responsible decisions and take actions that positively impact their environment and community.  Programs are designed to aid educators and program directors, and cover a wide range of curriculum requirements from fine arts to hard science.

“We attended a NEED Project energy workshop at Georgia Tech in the spring of 2009 facilitated by Karen Reagor,” said Carleton.  “The information we learned and the materials provided helped us greatly in developing our program.”

During the program, Petunia, the duo’s comic relief, leads students in various hand motions for energy sources: solar energy (hands in circle above head), wind (hands moving side to side), coal (shoveling), natural gas (waving hand in front of nose), and even “moo” for biomass from cow manure.  At the end of the program, students then get on their feet to recite an energy poem created by the duo which incorporates the hand motions for the energy sources.  After lunch, students returned in groups to visit energy stations to learn about kinetic, potential and solar energy from NEED Project science kit stations.

“This was a great program!  The students were very involved and interested.  It went along with our science curriculum very well,” said Robyn Cox, a third grade teacher at the school.

Kennedy, a fifth grade student, summed up the intent of Carleton and Nix’s mission to impact, educate, involve and empower as many individuals as possible to become environmental stewards, “This program helped me to know how important it is to take care of the earth.” Download the program outline here.

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