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Company Name:  Ecolink Inc
City:  Tucker
State:  GA
Zip Code:  30030
Phone Number:  800)886-8240
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Description:  25-year custom industrial chemical manufacturer and distributor Green Chemistry Implementation Support (EPA, OSHA, local/state compliance) Chemical Management & Leasing Services Recycling & Zero Waste Process Design and Equipment
Area Served:  International
Keywords:  EPA & OSHA Compliant Industrial Solvents & Degreasers, Solvent Replacement, Support & Chemical Management, Green Solvent Technology, Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Solvents & Parts Washers, Precision Critical Cleaning, Solvent Substitution, Specialty Chemicals, Zero Waste
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Company Name:  Eagle Solar & Light
City:  Birmingham
State:  AL
Zip Code:  35222
Phone Number:  (205) 202-22
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Description:  Eagle Solar and Light offers solar power systems for residential, commercial, nonprofit, and government buildings. From design and installation to ongoing system maintenance and support, we maintain the highest quality standards in performance and reliability. We are certified dealers for one of the nation’s largest solar industry suppliers and also have access to architecturally advanced solar panels to fit any aesthetic need. In addition to solar systems, Eagle Solar and Light offers a complete line of LED lighting, controls, and automation for enhanced illumination with up to 85% less energy usage in residential, commercial, nonprofit, and government markets. Our products include stand-alone renewable energy fixtures for any roadway, parking lot, or specialty application.
Area Served:  USA
Keywords:  Eagle Solar, Alabama LED Light Lighting, Alabama Renewable Energy, Alabama Solar
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Company Name:  Environment Georgia
City:  Atlanta
State:  GA
Zip Code:  30030
Phone Number:  404-370-1769
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Description:  Environment Georgia is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. We believe there’s something special about Georgia — something worth protecting and preserving for future generations. Whether it’s the striking views from the Appalachian Trail, Jekyll Island, or the Conasauga River, Georgia’s natural wonders enrich our lives in countless ways. Yet the places we love and the environmental values so many of us share are too often threatened by powerful industries, short-sighted politicians, and more. Defending our environment requires independent research, tough-minded advocacy, and spirited grassroots action. That’s the idea behind Environment Georgia. Together with thousands of supporters from all walks of life, we take the kind of action that wins tangible results for our environment.
Area Served:  Georgia
Keywords:  Advocacy, Organizing, Non-profit, air, water, greenspace, parks, solar, Appalachian Trail, rivers
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Company Name:  Earth Equity Advisors
City:  Asheville
State:  NC
Zip Code:  28815
Phone Number:  877-235-3684
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Description:  We all have values that are important to us - values that are reflected in the choices that we make. At Earth Equity Advisors, we care about what you care about. As leaders in the field of Socially & Environmentally Responsible Investing, we create investment portfolios that are both competitive financially and in alignment with our shared values - including Fossil-Fuel-Free options! We make it easy for you to align your investments with your values.
Area Served:  Nationwide
Keywords:  green investing, socially responsible investing, intentional investing, alternative energy, financial planning, impact investing, fossil free investments
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Company Name:  Ecovie Environmental
City:  Atlanta
State:  Ga
Zip Code:  30306
Phone Number:  404-824-9266
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Description:  ECOVIE is passionate about rainwater. We apply our expertise to developing innovative, cost-efficient green solutions for your new or existing building so that you and the planet can thrive together. From systems that capture and distribute rainwater to solutions for water management, our mission is simple: to help you use rainwater to sustain and enhance your outdoor environment, lifestyle and bottom line.
Area Served:  USA
Keywords:  Rainwater Collection, Rainwater Harvesting, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Design, Storm-water Management
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Company Name:  Energy Ace
City:  Decatur
State:  GA
Zip Code:  30030
Phone Number:  404-789-2700
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Description:  Energy Ace is a premier sustainability consulting firm helping architects, engineers, construction managers, building owners and developers design, create and operate energy efficient, sustainable environments. The firm is comprised of highly-skilled staff including Professional Engineers, LEED Accredited Professionals, and Certified Commissioning Agents who are dedicated to delivering sustainability services of the highest quality to our clients. Energy Ace has experience in both public and private sectors. We offer expertise in multiple project types including Higher Education, K-12, State and Local Government, Federal and Military, Commercial office and Industrial as well as Mixed-Use Developments.
Area Served:  United States
Keywords:  energy efficiency, usgbc, LEED commissioning, energy engineering
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Company Name:  Enviroclean USA, LLC
City:  Atlanta
State:  GA
Zip Code:  31126
Phone Number:  678-701-5671
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enviroclean is a provider of commercial green cleaning services for commercial buildings. Mission To provide sustainable products and services that will create healthier and safer environments for its customers and to change human behavior to decrease the burdens placed on natural systems. Company Overview Enviroclean is a privately held company providing green cleaning services and products to help its customers meet the demand for sustainable buildings. Description Whether you are looking to achieve LEED certification for your facility or just trying to implement some sustainable features that make sense-go for the low hanging fruit and change over your janitorial services to a green cleaning platform with Enviroclean Green Cleaning Systems. Enviroclean offers a full array of sustainable services including green cleaning janitorial services, recycling and composting programs customized for your facility, carpet cleaning, hard floor care maintenance, air duct cleaning, APPA Green Cleaning Assessments with LEED Online support, etc.Enviroclean features a cost neutral solution for your commercial cleaning needs, visit us on the web or give us a call at 1-800-431-0231!

Area Served:  Atlanta Metro Area
Keywords:  Enviroclean, LEED certification, green cleaning, green janitorial
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Company Name:  Energy & Environment
City:  Atlanta
State:  GA
Zip Code:  30318
Phone Number:  404-794-2023
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Description:  Energy & Environment has performed hundreds of lighting retrofits and energy audits in over 30 states. We help commercial and industrial facilities maximize energy savings, while maintaining and improving lighting and operational quality. An experienced team of energy efficiency experts and lighting technicians ensures professional, timely completion. We believe in the win-win proposition: customers save money, and the environment wins with reduced energy waste.

Lighting Retrofits

A comprehensive lighting retrofit eliminates the high costs associated with outdated, inefficient lighting.

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 75%
  • Payback in as little as 2-3 years

Lighting retrofits can greatly reduce your energy bills, while improving light levels and illumination quality. Improvements in lighting technologies have led to increased lifetimes and reduced maintenance activities. By consuming less electricity, your facility reduces demand and emissions from off-site power generation.

Energy Audits

An energy audit identifies ways to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption without negatively affecting production or environment. Your building’s audit will be performed by professional auditors, who recommend cost effective improvement measures customized to your needs. Lighting Design and Other Services

Our lighting and energy efficiency expertise extends beyond the traditional retrofit. Our staff includes a professional lighting designer, with international experience in retail, commercial and theater lighting design. With our team, we can help you create an atmosphere to inspire whatever mood you wish, using the latest high efficiency technology. With our ability to maintain or improve lighting quality and atmosphere, combined with amazing energy savings, we can provide unique solutions not available through typical retrofitting companies.

We also offer a full line of Electrical Contracting services. Please contact us find out how we can help you with your next electrical job.

Area Served:  National
Keywords:  lighting, lighting retrofit, energy efficiency, led, induction lighting
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